The Reiki For LYFE Master Training program taught at The Yogi Tree is a beautiful, spiritual experience. Jen, Debbie and Donna give you the love and support that you need to grow. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to participate.

I personally enjoyed growing a deeper connection with myself and those around me. This program also helped me to feel more confident in my skills as a healer and teacher. I loved being exposed to several different energy healing techniques, meditation ideas and spiritual development practices.

Over all, this program allowed me to hone in the confidence I needed to go out and talk to people, to educate people and open the eyes of others around me. This new found confidence allowed me to share my gifts with others. I’m sure the skills were always inside me. However, the love and overwhelming support Jennifer, Debbie and Donna pour out onto their students is the icing that many students need on their beautiful, spiritual cake šŸ™‚ ~ Jade

I did my Reiki Master training with Jennifer and Debbie and it was extraordinary. I wish I would have know them when I did Reiki level 1 and 2 because their level of passion, attentiveness and knowledge far surmounted any of my past trainings. They are both so spiritual, gifted and wise. The space that they hold for their students is so safe. I felt wrapped in love, and always supported. Their dedication to sharing and teaching Reiki, and having everyone be able to have the tools to heal themselves and their lives, which Reiki provides, is extraordinary. If you’re called to learn Reiki, you’re in the perfect place. Jennifer and Debbie are master teachers! ~ Emily

Sat Nam to all those guided to this site and this review.  I truly rarely write a review when it comes to pretty much anything. Yet, when something happens that is pure magic I owe it to you all and to myself to do so. Self-love is truly the reason I looked into becoming Reiki level 1 and 2 certified. This journey of Reiki allowed me to assist in the healing of terminal brain cancer I manifested due to trauma within my childhood and young adulthood. Once I witnessed for myself just how amazing this healing modality is, I knew deep in my heart and soul I needed to take the master course. Because I had such an amazing experience with Reiki For LYFE level 1&2 at the Yogi Tree, I just knew Iā€™d take the master course there! It truly was the best experience I could have ever hoped for. Jennifer Kelly and Debbie Hawksworth exceeded any hopes, dreams and expectations pertaining to such a sacred space and experience. The tools, guidance, support and love I acquired and received during my time at the Yogi Tree, truly shines through while I am working with clients and most importantly during my time with myself. Thank you Jennifer and Debbie, thank you for helping me awaken to infinite divine self!  Namaste ~ Monica