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Reiki Master Intensive Retreat – Thursday, May 30th – Sunday, June 2nd 2019

We will gather at 7 am to start off with breakfast on Thursday, May 30th in Burbank, CA to open our sacred circle of Reiki and healing and conclude at 8 pm on Sunday, June 2nd with dinner and our Reiki Master Closing Ceremony. During our four days together we will learn, grow, heal and connect. You will leave this retreat intensive feeling empowered, linked to a supportive community and ready to be a healing force on our planet!

You already know that Reiki has the ability to heal mental, emotional and physical ailments. So what is different about becoming a Reiki Master?

The Reiki Master attunement is the highest level of Reiki. This attunement gives us the opportunity to open to the highest possibilities of Reiki. It is a tool for personal growth and offers us the ability to develop in ourselves the limitless qualities that are contained in the Reiki Energy. As a Reiki Master you will have all the tools you need to heal yourself and others on a deeper level, start a successful Reiki business and teach others if you feel called to do so.

The Reiki for LYFE Masters Course attunes you to the Master Symbol, activates the highest level of Reiki and links you to a powerful, supportive community of healers.

  • You will experience:
  • How to write and teach a guided meditation
  • Meditations using Reiki and Reiki Mantras
  • In depth studies on Chakras, Crystals and Emotional Anatomy
  • Reiki Fingers, healing & working with the body’s organs
  • How to fill a room with Reiki Energy & create a protective shield
  • Practice on others to understand Reiki on a deeper level
  • 7th Ray Attunement and Holy Fire Attunement
  • Shakti Reiki Attunement – Level 1 to integrate the Feminine Energy
  • Be attuned and open to the full level of Reiki Master energy
  • Align with your higher-self allowing for more guidance
  • Be empowered to attune and teach others.
  • Learn how to structure and teach Reiki trainings and classes.
  • Learn the Master symbol, the Reiki symbol for awakening and experience the energies of the symbols
  • Coaching on how to build a Reiki Practice.
  • You will have the opportunity to set up your own healing circle your community
  • Importance of self care and having a meditation or spiritual practice and learning how to Love Yourself For Ever

Becoming a Reiki Master is not only a gift to yourself, but it is a gift to the world ~ Jennifer Lakhmi Chand

What is Included:
3 Nights Accommodations – shared sleeping arrangements
Daily Freshly Prepared Organic, Vegetarian Meals
Reiki Master Materials
Teaching Preparedness
Practical Practice
Reiki I, II and Master Attunements
In-Depth Study of the Reiki Symbols
And More…

Prerequisites for the Reiki for LYFE Master’s Course
• Have a Reiki Level l and Level ll Certificate
• Attend 2 Practitioner Nights
• Complete 4 Treatment Sessions with completed Case Studies with at Least 1 Treatment Being a Distant Healing and the use of all Symbols
• Receive 2 Full Reiki Treatments
• Attend a Reiki Circle
• Please contact us if you need help with these requirements

Energy Exchange:

Earlybird $1500 before May 1st, $1650 after May 1st

Payment Plan: 4 Payments of $450 for a total of $1800


Jennifer Lakhmi Chand– has been teaching and exploring healing arts since 1998. She is a kundalini yoga teacher, wholistic life coach, nutritional therapist, hypnotherapist and Reiki master. She is a Holy Fire Reiki Master certified in the Usui/Tibetan Reiki System under the tutelage of Kristin Abhayada Dwan.

Debbie Hawksworth is a Usui Reiki Master, Facilitates WholesoulBreathwork and is currently studying Shamanic Healing.

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